ARServices is Awarded ARNG Contract

ARServices is Awarded ARNG Contract

August 28, 2014: ARServices Receives Contract Award to Provide Critical Infrastructure Risk Management (CIRM) Services to the Army National Guard (ARNG), Operations Division (OD) Protection Program 

ARServices is very pleased to announce its initial contract award from ARNG, located at Arlington Hall Station, VA, to provide its Protection Program the administrative and technical support required to enable ARNG-OD to comply with Department of Defense (DOD), Department of the Army (DA), and National Guard Bureau (NGB) program directives, regulations, and guidance. The Operations Division is responsible to establish and maintain an overarching Protection Program that encompasses multiple sub-programs. It is also directly responsible for programs, including antiterrorism, antiterrorism intelligence, threat and countermeasures, critical infrastructure risk management, emergency management, law enforcement operations, physical security programs, and operations security. ARServices’ value-add contribution, via this contract, will assist ARNG-OD in the development of program guidance, program implementation, program assessment/inspection, and resourcing requirements necessary to reach DOD and DA protection objectives and standards at ARNG sites across the Continental United States, its Territories, and the District of Columbia. ARServices will satisfy performance requirements and objectives through a mature cadre of professional and technical personnel, including CIRM Subject Matter Expert, Business Analyst, and Technical Writer. Services will be delivered at Arlington Hall Station and Camp Robinson, AR. The assignment of the aforementioned personnel resources enables ARServices to assist ARNG-OD in its broader mission functions of program management support, analytical support, subject matter expertise, and resource management support. ARServices welcomes its opportunity to provide critical mission support to ARNG and looks forward to a very successful, mutually-rewarding Government-contractor relationship.


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