Spotlight on Captain Andy Covert, USN (Ret.)

Spotlight on Captain Andy Covert, USN (Ret.)

Captain Andrew Covert
United States Navy, Retired
Active Duty: 1989-2015

Why is it important to observe Memorial Day?
Memorial day is a time to honor not only those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice but all that have gone before us in service to our country. I come from a family legacy of military service, and feel it is an important obligation and honor to remember and recognize all of our service members past and present. Our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Global War on Terror is most recent in our minds and attention, but is also important to remember and honor military service since our country’s birth.

American citizens enjoy the privileges and freedoms that they do because of those who serve and have served in defense and protection of those freedoms both at home and abroad; the men and women that choose to “defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

Why did you choose to run for Wear Blue: Run to Remember?
I’m an avid runner and often run near my home on the trails of the Manassas National Battlefield, site of the Civil War’s first and second Battles of Bull Run. I consider the battle field hallowed ground and often reflect on the sacrifices made over 153 years ago. So for this Memorial Day, when I learned that ARServices would be donating to Wear Blue: Run to remember, I immediately knew I would pledge miles to the cause and continue my favorite routine of running through the Manassas National Battlefield in remembrance.

Who did you honor for your run?
The Wear Blue: Run to Remember charity organization was founded by Army spouses in order to help thousands heal from and work through the more challenging aspects of military life during a time of war. Throughout my Navy career, I have lost several friends and colleagues in training and operational mishaps. I do not however, have a personal connection to someone who has died in a combat zone and therefore, felt it was appropriate for the organization to select a service member’s name for me to honor on my run. On Monday, I ran for Captain Bruce K. Clark, United States Army, who died while serving in Afghanistan in 2012.

About Andy: CAPT Covert is a former MH-35E Sea Dragon helicopter pilot who served overseas in the Middle East region countless times. Specifically, CAPT Covert served one post-9/11 tour in Baghdad, Iraq and multiple tours across the Middle East from Desert Storm on. In recent years, CAPT Covert served two tours in the Pentagon, and was the Commanding Officer, Naval Air Facility Washington on Joint Base Andrews, MD.