Timesheet Basics for Government Contracting

Timesheet Basics for Government Contracting

Written by: Contracts & Finance Manager, I. M. Brooks

Do you complete your timesheet(TS) at the end of each day? What about a handy authorized charge code document? Do you review your timesheet for accuracy before signing? Why is all of this so important for a Government Contractor?

A company’s time keeping policy, accurate utilization of the policy, and successful execution of internal audits and external audits directly impact invoice and payment under a Government contract.

Examples of individual employee responsibilities/participation for adequate rated TS:

  1. Know where you can readily access the company TS policies
  2. Keep your authorized charge code(s) obtainable in your work area as feasible
  3. Complete your timesheet at the end of your work day daily
  4. Do not complete your TS in advance except for holidays’ and available PTO
  5. Review and sign your TS on your last workday of a pay-period

These are a few of the standards you will see in Government contractors timekeeping policy. Don’t be a contributor to your company being rated “inadequate” for time keeping, and/or required to forego direct submission of invoice(s) to Government customer agency/payment office, and/or incur that are deemed unallowable, and/or subject the company to Debarment.

Please contact your immediate supervisor, and the payroll department if you have questions or would like more information on timekeeping and its importance.