What it Means to Be a Teaming Partner

What it Means to Be a Teaming Partner

Jay McCargo, the President and CEO of ARServices, recently had the opportunity to participate in a podcast on the Federal Technology Insider about the challenges small businesses face, and the opportunities they have, in the federal contracting market.

jay-1016Successful partnering between prime contractors and small businesses is a complex challenge. In the federal contracting industry, many companies and professionals who have worked together for years understand the ins and outs of the relationships between prime contractors and sub-contractors, and the ways small businesses and large businesses establish formal and informal ways to connect.

In the first of this two-part podcast, Mr. McCargo speaks about ways for small businesses to differentiate themselves in a competitive market, how to target and select the best prime contractors for potential partnerships, and what characteristics prime contractors look for when courting small businesses for federal opportunities.

Listen to the podcast on Federal Technology Insider to learn what it means to be a teaming partner. Some of the advice may surprise you.

To see the original article and to listen to the podcast on Federal Technology Insider, click HERE.