Making the most of every teaming relationship

Making the most of every teaming relationship

In our last article on the ARServices blog, we shared a podcast that was recorded by Federal Technology Insider (FTI), featuring the CEO of ARServices, Jay McCargo. In that podcast, Mr. McCargo discussed both the challenges small businesses face in the crowded government contracting market, and the opportunities that are available to them.

That podcast was part one of a two-part interview with FTI. In the second half of that discussion, Mr. McCargo focused more closely on best practices for small businesses looking to identify the right teaming partner and execute on military and government contracts successfully.

jay-1016When small businesses look to identify which teaming partners and opportunities are right for their company, Mr. McCargo stressed that it’s essential that they know their business well, and focus only on the areas in which they’re best positioned and prepared to execute.

He also discussed how essential the drafting and construction of a contract is in the overall success of problem. Clear language, established expectations and metrics are essential in any contract to ensure that the small business, its teaming partner and the end customer have a measuring stick for success and can gauge the company’s performance.

These were just some of the lessons-learned that Mr. McCargo has garnered from his long and impressive career in the government contracting industry. He shared many more best practices for small businesses looking to pursue, win and execute on opportunities with large teaming partners and the federal government in part two of this two-part podcast series.

To see the original article and to listen to the podcast on Federal Technology Insider, click HERE.