Employee spotlight: DNFSB site lead Robin Villavicencio

Employee spotlight: DNFSB site lead Robin Villavicencio

ARServices’ employees are passionate about serving the federal government and working to help government agencies and military organizations accomplish their important missions. The company has employees working on-site and hand-in-hand with government organizations responsible for a wide range of important tasks and for delivering essential constituent services.

In a series of posts on the ARServices blog, we’re going to be speaking with these employees, and discussing the work that they’re doing in partnership with the federal government. And in our very first employee spotlight, we’re speaking with Robin Villavicencio, a project engineer and site lead for ARServices at the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB).

Here is what he had to say:

Robin VillacicencioARServices (ARS): Can you tell our readers more about your role at ARServices? What is your positon at the company, and what are your responsibilities? And how long have you been at ARServices?

Robin Villavicencio (RV): I am the Site Lead for the management analyst contract at the DNFSB, and I have just reached eight months with ARServices and with the DNFSB.

Our team of four engineers provides technical support and services to the Office of the Technical Director. The tasks we perform can be categorized into five separate areas:  project management and coordination, technical training and development, internal controls and procedures, program evaluations, and process optimization.

The size of our team may be small, but we’ve made a large impact on improving the efficiency of the agency, as a whole. This optimization of processes and decrease of redundancies within the DNFSB has allowed their technical staff to focus fully on their mission of safety oversight of defense nuclear facilities.

What have you gained from working onsite at DNFSB?

RV: With the DNFSB being a new customer for ARServices, my team and I were put in a unique position to not only showcase our talents, but to demonstrate ARServices’ reliability and its deep industry expertise.

With most of my experience coming from private industry, I was able to gain a working knowledge about some of the similar challenges that the public sector and defense nuclear industry face.  I have been able to use these past experiences and newly acquired skills to enhance performance at the agency and cultivate a positive relationship between my team and the staff here at the DNFSB.

ARS: You said that most of your experience is in the private sector. Can you tell us a little bit more about your past experience? What did you do in the private sector and where did you work prior to your position with ARServices?

RV: I spent a year as a consultant for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation working as a Transportation Construction Inspector.  I then switched industries from construction to oil and gas where I worked as a field engineer for a large oilfield services corporation.  I spent six years there, traveling to different locations all over Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.

ARS: How have the skills that you developed in your previous positions in the private sector transferred to your work with the DNFSB?

RV: During my time as a field engineer, I was able to acquire a level of assertiveness that I have found to be beneficial in my role with the DNFSB.  With my previous position, not only was it important to make a decision quickly, but also to make the correct decision.

Like with many large corporations in the private sector, the difference between a right and wrong decision could be a million dollars.  I found that this has translated well to my new position because I am able to quickly determine a path to success for all job duties our team is assigned.  This allows our team to work efficiently and effectively.

Another skill that I have been able to carry with me is an enhanced sense of urgency that was instilled in me during my time in the private sector.  In my previous position, deadlines were heavily influenced by money and the bottom line.  I have found that this mindset has proven useful to my team because when we are given a project, having this sense of urgency allows us to maximize our time and effort.

ARS: What do you like most about working for ARServices?

RV: What I like most about ARServices is that they take pride in the professionalism of personnel they hire, and they hold their employees to a high standard.  ARServices is always urging the other employees, including myself, to seek out new challenges and skillsets that will help us grow both intellectually and professionally.

What I also enjoy about ARServices is that there is always a line of communication open to headquarters and personnel on other contracts where any questions oradvice can be addressed quickly and effectively.  There is a wealth of knowledge among all the employees at ARServices that give both the customer and me the peace of mind that there is no job too difficult to manage.

ARS: What drew you to the opportunity at ARServices? Was it the company itself, or the ability to do meaningful work in partnership with the federal government? How does the position and experience compare to your expectations?

RV: There were a couple of reasons that drew me towards working for ARServices. Although my research into the employee experience and company’s reputation certainly made the decision of joining their organization much easier.

In my previous role, I worked for a very large corporation with more than 50,000 employees.  While this had its own advantages, there were certain drawbacks that aren’t as prevalent working for a smaller business. With a small business, I know I can meet and make meaningful business relationships with all levels of the corporate staff. This allows me to use my skills to not only make a strong impression, but to further my understanding of the industry.

Secondly, I knew that I wanted to experience how the private sector differed from the public sector.  These new experiences would allow me to diversify my skillset by participating in new tasks and duties that may be out of my comfort zone.  I knew that making this switch would present fresh and new challenges that I was ready to tackle.

My experience so far has lived up to these expectations.  ARServices has done a great job to make sure my team and I are set up for success. I have been able to improve old skills while developing new abilities along the way.

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