Examining the Cybersecurity Challenges Facing Agencies Operating OCONUS

Examining the Cybersecurity Challenges Facing Agencies Operating OCONUS

On the heels of an election that could arguably have been influenced by hacks and cyberattacks from foreign governments, federal agencies and United States military are more focused on the security of their networks than ever before. Unfortunately, securing government networks is a task that’s made much more difficult by the fact that many of these organizations operate both inside the United States, and around the globe.

For federal agencies performing work OCONUS (outside the continental United States), cybersecurity programs and procedures must be managed from inside the government enclave, meaning that all jay-1016efforts to maintain mission effectiveness must be performed by personnel in federal buildings or approved contractor facilities, and information must be confined within the agency’s network whenever possible.

Looking to identify real life federal programs that are effectively addressing cybersecurity at a programmatic level supported by long-term thinking, the Federal Technology Insider (FTI) sat down with ARServices CEO, Jay McCargo.

During their conversation, Mr. McCargo discussed specific federal cybersecurity programs – some of which are being managed by ARServices. He also discussed the current challenges agencies are facing, the types of programs that protect cybersecurity concerns, and the ways each agency can tailor their approach.

In the first of a two-part podcast, FTI and Mr. McCargo focus on the DLA’s Asset Management and Asset Visibility programs. Specifically, the DLA’s cybersecurity approach, which includes the responsiveness and agility needed for an OCONUS program.

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