Defense Logistics Agency Turns to ARServices for Assistance on Several Initiatives, Including Data Center Optimization

Defense Logistics Agency Turns to ARServices for Assistance on Several Initiatives, Including Data Center Optimization

ARServices, a leading management and technology consulting provider for the federal government and defense sectors, was awarded contracts by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to staff three new programs and initiatives, including a key program designed to aid and assist the agency with the optimization of its data centers.

By selecting ARServices for these three efforts, the DLA will enable twenty of the company’s personnel and subject matter experts to work collaboratively with agency staff across ten sites.

In the first of its three new projects for the DLA, ARServices will support the agency as it works towards becoming compliant with the requirements established by the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) (non-R&D), which will ultimately result in the streamlining and optimization of agency data centers.

Meeting the requirements of the DCOI requires the DLA to have material accountability for all IT hardware, and to create physical IT asset inventories for successful completion. In support of these requirements, ARServices will identify, catalogue, and blueprint assets within 16 DLA data centers and secret Internet protocol router (SIPR) rooms.

“The federal government and the United States military have been actively working to reduce the number of data centers they employ as a way to increase efficiency and cut costs. The biggest obstacle to achieving compliance with the DCOI has been the lack of knowledge about what currently exists and how it’s being utilized,” said Jay McCargo, the President and CEO of ARServices. “The DLA chose ARServices to help in this endeavor because of the company’s long history of effective work on behalf of the agency.”

In the second of its projects for the DLA, ARServices will work to support the agency’s Research and Development (R&D) Program, specifically within the Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) program element. This program element focuses on developing new and innovative solutions for improving the military’s major supply chains.

In its work for the R&D Program, ARServices will assist DLA staff with providing technical analysis and documentation, implementing standard and repeatable management processes, and developing and disseminating outreach and communication materials with a focus on enabling the R&D Program to operate more effectively.

In its third new scope of work for the DLA, ARServices will assist the organization’s Troop Support, Clothing & Textiles (C&T), Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Program. This program, which will be located at the DLA Troop Support in Philadelphia, PA, will liaise between military customers and COTS vendors to facilitate the acquisition of COTS shelter and support components, and handle all incoming customer inquirers and requests.

In this capacity, ARServices will provide the DLA with a Customer Service Specialist (CSS) responsible for supporting military customers throughout the procurement and lifecycle of the product.

“ARServices has long been a trusted partner to the DLA, responsible for handling some of the agency’s most difficult, mission-critical tasks and responsibilities,” said Mr. McCargo. “Trust is earned, not given. The addition of these new programs to the company’s existing scope of work and relationship with the DLA is evidence of the company’s impressive history of delivering results for its clients.”

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