Bringing Long Term Projects Across the Finish Line

Bringing Long Term Projects Across the Finish Line

In an earlier article on the ARServices blog, we shared a podcast from Federal Technology Insider (FTI) touching on ways federal agencies can ensure continued success and delivery of sustained, measurable results when executing on long-term projects. During the discussion, Jay McCargo, CEO of ARServices, shared insights from the company’s work with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and specific tools agencies are implementing to drive performance and reduce costs.

jay-1016In the second part of this two-part podcast, Mr. McCargo talks about the potential challenges agencies face when embracing new project management technologies in the midst of a multi-year project.

During the discussion with FTI, he emphasized that the ease or difficulty of this shift is largely dependent on the unique circumstances of the agency, and the nature of their contract. And he stressed that, when considering new technologies for a project, the effort can be relatively simple with the right mindset and the appropriate contract type.

For agencies considering implementing new technologies into an ongoing project, Mr. McCargo offered some advice for balancing existing plans with new approaches. “In this time of restricted budgets, look at proven technologies…look at commercial off the shelf (COTS) solutions.” According to Mr. McCargo, proven COTS solutions allow agencies to streamline these changes.

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