Exploring the Role of Big Data in the Federal Government

Exploring the Role of Big Data in the Federal Government

Aggregating and analyzing Big Data is becoming increasingly important to both private enterprises and federal agencies. Today’s complex web of wearables, sensors, social networks and mobile devices is generating a veritable sea of data that can be harvested and utilized. And organizations in both the jay-1016public and private sector are leveraging their data to identify insights that can help them operate more effectively, and even maximize program results.

One of the federal agencies at the cutting edge of Big Data and data analytics is the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which is analyzing the use of data to aid in cancer research.

To learn more about how the NIH is utilizing Big Data, Federal Technology Insider (FTI) sat down with Jay McCargo, the CEO of ARServices.

During their discussion, Mr. McCargo focused on the victories that the federal government has achieved thanks to Big Data. He also discussed a Big Data program that the ARServices team implemented at NIH and the National Cancer Institute, with whom ARServices has been engaged since 2010.

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