Why Sponsor a Day of Service?

Why Sponsor a Day of Service?

ARServices owes much to its local community, and the military community, for its success and growth. And for this reason, the company works tirelessly to serve these communities through charitable giving, philanthropy and volunteering.

One of the ways in which the company gives back is through its annual Day of Service program, which provides a company-paid day of personal leave to all employees for use in the participation of philanthropic activities of their choice. This day can be used by ARServices employees to volunteer on any date and at any time during the 2017 calendar year, or can be used to participate in company-organized and financed activities.

jay-1016But the company’s Day of Service program has done more than give back to the community, it has also helped to encourage teamwork and collaboration between the company’s employees, and has helped to boost morale.

To learn more about the company’s philanthropic efforts, the Day of Service program, and its impact on the company, the Federal Technology Insider (FTI) recently interviewed Jay McCargo, the CEO of ARServices, and Andrea Robinson, the company’s Human Resources Manager.

During their discussion, they talked about the reasons for starting the program, provided some examples of the ways employees embraced the Day of Service, and shared some of the specific organizations ARServices team members are passionate about supporting.

According to Mr. McCargo, “(The) gift of time….given to organizations and people that our employees care about,” is the source of his support for the program. The time donated by ARServices employees has impacted small local efforts, large national organizations, and the experiences of each individual employee.

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