The personal and organizational impact of a Day of Service

The personal and organizational impact of a Day of Service

In his last podcast with Federal Technology Insider, ARServices CEO, Jay McCargo, discussed the company’s Day of Service program, and the benefits that it delivered to the company, as well as the community.

In the second part of their conversation Mr. McCargo was joined by his colleague, Kelli Anthony to discuss the Day of Service program more in-depth.

Djay-1016uring their conversation, they shared why it was important for ARServices to implement the program, and why the results justify continuing to support the program. They also shared personal anecdotes from previous Day of Service events, and how they affected them personally.

The Day of Service program was conceived to give ARServices an opportunity to positively impact the community in a way that could involve every employee who wanted to participate. The resulting program enables employees to volunteer with tailored, self-selected organizations, and can be used by any employee in any of the company’s locations.

“As a business owner and employer, your business has a responsibility to the community that you operate in….and where you and your employees live,” said Mr. McCargo.

To learn more about the company’s Day of Service and how it has deeply impacted the organization and its business, listen to the podcast on Federal Technology Insider by clicking HERE.