How the DLA Stays Effective Across Multiple Theaters

How the DLA Stays Effective Across Multiple Theaters

In our last post on the ARServices blog, we highlighted a recent Federal Technology Insider (FTI) podcast that featured Jay McCargo, the CEO of ARServices, and John Stanton, who oversees all of the work that ARServices does on behalf of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). During that discussion, they took an inside look at the function of the DLA , why its mission is so essential and the role that contractors are playing is the successful completion of the DLA’s mission.

In part two of that two-part podcast series, Jay and John joined FTI to look more closely at the specific issues and challenges facing today’s DLA.

ARServices is one of the federal contracting partners that the DLA has chosen to help assist with their mission and responsibilities, which include – but are not limited to – managing aviation demand and supply, handling disposition of excess property, delivering energy solutions, and managing the global supply chains that deliver equipment and solutions necessary for military efforts.

As part of their discussion with FTI, Jay and John analyzed how the potential for military activities in multiple, disparate theaters could impact and stress the DLA’s operations. They covered ways in which they can work to overcome those challenges, and discussed how experience in logistics from the private sector helps bring a new and fresh perspective to the DLA.

To see the original article and to listen to the podcast on Federal Technology Insider, click HERE.