A job well done – ARServices delivers results for the Defense Logistics Agency

A job well done – ARServices delivers results for the Defense Logistics Agency

In a recent post on the ARServices blog, we spoke with John Stanton, who leads all of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) programs on behalf of the company. During that discussion, we talked about the agency’s move towards the Windows 10 operating system, an essential project that ended up being more complex and complicated than many would anticipate a simple software update to be.

As John explained, the move to Windows 10 was part of the agency’s adoption of what they’re calling the  DLA Modern Desktop, which is, “…a collection of interrelated technologies, working together to provide the user with a workspace available through multiple access points, using the latest software and improved security. The Modern Desktop gives any DLA employee with a CAC reader a more stable and secure environment in which to do their work at any time, from any location.”

However, the Defense Logistics Agency realized that in order to upgrade to a new operating system and fully embrace the DLA Modern Desktop, they needed to make some necessary upgrades to their hardware as well. Some of the legacy hardware within the DLA was did not meet the hardware specifications to support Windows 10 or the Modern Desktop. In fact, 30,000 computers needed to be brought in to make the upgrade possible.

And this is where ARServices was brought in to help.

“ARServices provided asset management and logistical support for the approximately 30,000 computers that the DLA needed world-wide to ensure DLA employees and contractors had the hardware necessary for the Windows 10 upgrade.” John said. “ARServices employees assisted with the deployment of new computers and also the recovery and preparation of old equipment, ensuring all equipment was accurately tracked in the IT Asset Management database.”

And the program was a huge success. Here is what one senior leader at the DLA said about the Windows 10 upgrade project:

“I wanted you to know how much I appreciated the way that ARServices stepped up to help us make the Windows 10 hardware deployment a success.  You found ways to get us more people on-hand at Mechanicsburg to pack and ship over 30,000 computers.  You were flexible with their time, so we could keep the project moving over weekends.  Whatever we needed, you found a way to support us, and I want you to know how important that was.  We could not have succeeded without ARServices.”

In recognition of the work that John and his team did on behalf of the DLA, Jay McCargo, the CEO of ARServices, and other members of the ARServices leadership team traveled to Philadelphia to reward their accomplishments with a special dinner. Here are photos of an incredible evening in appreciation of an incredible team:

DLA Team Recognition Dinner