Finding the Right Teaming Partners for Federal Contracts

Finding the Right Teaming Partners for Federal Contracts

When presented with a federal contracting opportunity, selecting teaming partners when necessary can be a very delicate and sensitive process. Many factors have to be considered to ensure the successful delivery of a mission-critical service for the customer.

Unfortunately, sometimes, despite due diligence and an extensive review process, that service delivery can sometimes be subpar due to incompatible teaming partners. However, there are some simple steps that contractors can take to avoid getting into one of these less than ideal situations.

To gain a better understanding of the steps that go into creating a successful collaboration among federal contracting partners, Federal Technology Insider spoke with Jay McCargo, President and CEO of ARServices.  ARServices was recently awarded the American Express Open Teaming Partner of the Year in recognition of the organization’s ability to work collaboratively with other contractors and deliver on the mission, so Mr. McCargo and his team have a lot of knowledge to share on the matter.

To sum up the spirit of Mr. McCargo’s advice, the ability to deliver successfully on a large government contract comes down to the ability to collaborate.  Whether your organization is the prime, sub, or a teaming partner on an agency contract, the team has to know how to work with each other and be able to focus on the singular goal of supporting the agency and the mission.  In building a coalition of collaboration, all things are possible.

You can hear the full conversation between FTI and Mr. McCargo around what it takes to build this coalition of collaboration here.