Cutting costs and increasing security through data center consolidation

Cutting costs and increasing security through data center consolidation

Last week, Jay McCargo, the President and CEO of ARServices, and John Stanton, who is responsible for managing the company’s work and activities on behalf of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), sat down with the Federal Technology Insider Podcast to discuss the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI).

The DCOI is a federal program that supersedes the government’s Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) and fulfills the data center requirements of the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA). It was created in August of 2016 by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Office of the Federal Chief Information Officer.

jay-1016Under the DCOI, agencies have to establish a data center strategy, work to replace data center infrastructure with more efficient infrastructure – such as cloud services – where applicable, and optimize their infrastructure with new technologies when they become available.

The strategy behind the DCOI is that by eliminating data centers and replacing physical infrastructure with cloud infrastructure, the federal government can eliminate OPEX costs for power, cooling, and equipment maintenance. They can also drastically reduce the capex costs of provisioning new applications and services, while bringing these applications to market more quickly and efficiently.

The DCOI also enables agencies to focus their limited resources on better protecting a smaller IT infrastructure at a time when cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated and active.

ARServices is on the front line of agency data center optimization efforts. In fact, the company recently announced that it was chosen to spearhead a new program that will help the DLA optimize their data centers.

During the FTI Podcast, Mr. McCargo and Mr. Stanton discussed the impetus for the DCOI, the reasons why it’s being implemented across the federal government, and what benefits agencies will realize from meeting DCOI requirements.

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