Overcoming obstacles slowing DCOI initiatives

Overcoming obstacles slowing DCOI initiatives

In our last article, we shared a recent Federal Technology Insider Podcast which featured ARServices’ CEO, Jay McCargo, and John Stanton, who manages the company’s programs for the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). During that podcast discussion, Mr. McCargo and Mr. Stanton discussed the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI), why it was being implemented and the benefits that it could deliver to the federal government.

The DCOI is a mandate that requires federal agencies to establish a data center strategy, work to replace data center infrastructure with more efficient infrastructure – such as cloud services – where applicable, and optimize their infrastructure with new technologies when they become available. The desired result is cost savings, and smaller, more secure IT infrastructures across the government.

jay-1016But despite the benefits of optimization and mandates pushing agencies to optimize their data centers, progress has been slow. Ultimately, the process that agencies have to follow to meet the DCOI’s requirements isn’t a simple one due to unforeseen challenges of optimizing data centers and roadblocks along the way. And the DLA hasn’t been immune to some of those issues and surprises.

ARServices is on the DCOI front line – helping agencies and government organizations such as the DLA with their data center optimization efforts. The company understands the challenges and roadblocks that are slowing agencies down in their DCOI initiatives.

In part two of their two-part FTI Podcast, they take a dive deep into the problems that agencies face when they start the process of optimizing data centers, discuss unexpected challenges that have impacted the DLA’s DCOI initiative, and identify ways in which private industry can help federal agencies make the optimization process a success.

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