DLA delivers for the military – and ARServices delivers for the DLA

DLA delivers for the military – and ARServices delivers for the DLA

ARServices has a deep relationship with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), working to support this essential military organization on multiple fronts and with various disparate, mission-critical projects.

In fact, the company recently announced an expansion of their relationship with the DLA, adding COOP support to an existing contract between the two organizations. The existing contract, which was signed in fall of 2016, involves the delivery of IT asset and inventory management support services. That news came on the heels of another announcement that the DLA had chosen ARServices to assist with DCOI and other critical initiatives.

jay-1016ARServices is proud to support the DLA, which fills an exceptionally important role for the military.

Based out of Fort Belvoir in Northern Virginia, and employing almost 30,000 people, the DLA supports the military – as a whole – by providing the logistics services that make global operations possible. Both in peacetime and times of war, the DLA is responsible for managing aviation demand and supply, handling disposition of excess property, delivering energy solutions, and managing the global supply chains that deliver equipment and solutions necessary for military efforts.

It’s a big job and an essential mission that – like any other herculean task – sometimes needs a little bit of help to accomplish. And ARServices has been chosen repeatedly by the DLA to assist in accomplishing that mission.

Jay McCargo, the CEO of ARServices, and John Stanton, who oversees all of the work that ARServices does on behalf of the agency, recently sat down with the Federal Technology Insider to discuss the function of the DLA, the challenges the agency faces and the role that contractors are playing is the successful completion of the DLA’s mission.

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