ARServices Leads Defense Logistics Agency’s (DLA) Research and Development (R&D) Strategic Mapping

ARServices Leads Defense Logistics Agency’s (DLA) Research and Development (R&D) Strategic Mapping

ARServices Strategic Planner, Mr. Robert Frye recently participated in the Defense Logistics Agency’s (DLA) Research and Development (R&D) All-Hands Meeting to brief and lead break-out sessions covering the organization’s overarching strategic planning efforts.

ARServices Strategic Planner, Robert Frye leads a breakout session during the Defense Logistics Agency’s (DLA) Research and Development (R&D) All-Hands Meeting February 19, 2019.

In 2017, DLA R&D was part of a major organizational re-alignment finding itself in a new environment, with different higher and adjacent organizations. DLA R&D was searching for a way to not only maintain their tremendous innovative value within the DoD but also to understand where they fit and how they could capitalize on synergies and capabilities under the new organization. With a strong background in Strategic Planning for the Department of the Army, Mr. Frye had the technical expertise DLA needed to undertake the effort.

During the meeting, Mr. Frye briefed employees on the results of the 2018 R&D culture climate survey. He facilitated discussions and team building exercises to further develop the R&D culture action plan, addressing key focus areas to include strategic direction and intent, coordination and integration, capability development, and customer focus and organizational learning.

Mr. Frye discussed the process used to develop divisional and directorate strategy maps and addressed the hierarchy of aligning those maps with the DLA Strategic Plan and Agency Strategy Map. Directorate and division strategy maps serve as tools for staff, stakeholders, and customers alike to “see themselves” and their respective roles in strategy execution and maps will provide the foundation for strategic planning and communications plans. He also presented balanced scorecard best practices and strategy maps to illustrate the directorate’s mission and objective alignment with its three subordinate divisions (e.g., Enterprise Engineering, R&D, and Technical Environment & Application Support).

“If your organization: 1) has the right resources such as funding/obligations, infrastructure, tools, and technology; 2) takes care of its people from onboarding to retirement; and 3) executes key business processes efficiently and effectively; 4) then your organization will meet or exceed customer/stakeholder objectives and will be on track for successful mission execution,” said Mr. Frye.

In addition to strategic planning, ARServices provides support to DLA’s R&D Program Management Office in the areas of financial management and execution, budget planning, administration, strategic communication, and stakeholder engagement.

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