508 Compliance Support Services for Federal Entities

We adhere to 508 compliance requirements and best practices in creating and remediating 508-compliant documents for various publishing media.

  • Better Accessibility

    With expertise in marketing & communication, web development, content creation, and project management, we pay attention to every design element, document format, page layout, and platform (MAC/PC) to enhance accessibility through navigational ease for the citizens.

  • Inclusive Website Design

    We provide extensive support to Federal agencies in developing web-based technologies that are 508 compliant, making services and information dissemination to a broader audience, ensuring all the web elements on the page are detectable to everyone.

  • Enhanced Usability

    We aim to eliminate barriers in information technology by expanding the adoption usability and addressing the usability of multimedia presentations, image maps, style sheets, scripting languages, and designs to make the website effective for people with disabilities.

The Pathway for Creating 508 Compliant Documents & Web Designs

Illuminate the relationship between government services and the community's needs with perceivable, operable, understandable & robust documents & websites critical for seamless communication.


Requirement Analysis

We determine the project's scope and align the resources accordingly. Understanding all your offline and online requirements for 508 compliances, we gather all relevant information and guidelines and coordinate with stakeholders to streamline the process.


Creating 508 Compliant Webpages

We design government websites with effective keyboard schematics where visual focus indicators are consistent & allow individuals who have limited mobility to skip past repetitive navigation to access a webpage's main content. We enhance user experience with easily accessible and detectable embedded video and multimedia content.


Creating 508 Compliant Documents

Document and journal management features are no more cumbersome due to our best practices. We also provide remediation of existing PDFs to be 508 compliant, as the PDF format is one of the most preferred by many federal government agencies for their public-facing documents.


Evaluation & Optimization

We perform systematic and objective assessments and audits to ensure no errors and desired access is propagated throughout the documents and web content. We ensure there are no errors and that everyone can easily access the desired information.

Documents & Web Paged Accessible to Anyone in the World

We ensure accessibility for all by leveraging assistive technologies such as screen readers, providing contextual text labels and descriptions for graphics, navigation, and other inclusive web page elements.

Creating 508 Compliant Documents

All electronic documents are accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. We work with the most commonly used electronic document formats like Adobe PDFs, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

508 compliant Websites

Our Government websites are designed with appropriate coding standards and labeling conventions, making the website accessible for people with various impairments. The user interface experience and design encompass usability concepts, including efficiency, online and contextual help, and error prevention.

Websites are built with the ability to be accessed with a screen reader that converts digital text into synthesized speech, pairing with documents, spreadsheets, and OS’. By following responsive design principles that support accessibility on different platforms, we ensure maximum reach for the Federal entities.

Content Development

Every input (image, applet, embedded media, plug-in) that conveys content has equivalent alternative text. Transcripts are provided for audio content. Style sheets may be used for layout, but the document is still readable and understandable. The user has control over the timing of content changes.

We implement a thoughtful and intuitive structure using CMS with templated authoring to achieve Section 508 compliance for your content requirement.

Graphic Design

To meet accessibility standards, we create advanced graphics. The client-side image maps are used instead of server-side image maps. Appropriate alternative text is provided for the image and each hot spot area.

Complex graphics (graphs, charts, etc.) are accompanied by equivalent text, either through a description in the body of the page or a link to a description on a separate page.

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We Cater to the Entirety of the Audience

Making websites more accessible and documents more usable to enhance engagement and interaction with the public.

Brand Outreach

We deliver a better experience with 508 compliant digital and non-digital assets. We reduce and remove barriers preventing people with disabilities from consuming and interacting with its content available online and offline, achieving your goal of servicing the public.

Enhanced Credibility

We develop web apps and websites that remove the significant barriers that could prevent someone with a disability from interacting with and understanding information. Websites with better accessibility attract many visitors and boost brand credibility.

Seamless Communication

To emphasize this underlying obligation, we incorporate appropriate auxiliary design aids and services to ensure that communication with persons with disabilities is as effective as communication with others, making sure your website aligns with the intent and spirit of both the laws and regulations.

We Aim for Difference

ARServices works for the rights of people with disabilities to have equal opportunity to access information and address a wider audience.

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