Comprehensive Advisory and Assistance Services

Our Advanced Advisory and Assistance Services adhere to the changing dynamics of the environment. We assist in strategic planning, policy development, acquisition, and project management by utilizing leading-edge technologies.

  • Management & Administration

    Improve the effectiveness of management processes by providing inclusive advisory & advisory assistance. Our services may take the form of information, alternatives, opinions, analyses, evaluations, recommendations, training, or technical support as required by the Federal entities.

  • Studies, Analyses, and Evaluations

    We provide organized, analytic assessments through databases, methodologies, models, and supportive studies to understand or evaluate complex issues to improve policy development, decision-making, management, or administration.

  • Change Management

    Our services include scope validation to ensure projects meet applicable local and DoD requirements. Our analysts have subject matter expertise to perform data analysis for developing strategies to optimize operations, planning efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Building Blocks to Innovative Advisory & Assistance Program

Our A&AS process to improve the effectiveness of Federal management procedures and technical program management.


Research & Planning

Our process involves evaluating the opportunity, current plan, and potential through primary research, demonstration, validation, and inter-organizational cooperation to develop an inclusive advisory and assistance service. The comprehensive and integrated R&D program formulate alternative solutions to complex issues.


Strategic Communication

We assist in formulating, coordinating, revising, editing, and producing briefings, reports, and other communications for presentation to officials in DoD, executive branch agencies, professional symposia, academia, industry, and international partners and organizations, to support strategic planning and technical oversight for RD.


Documentation & Reporting

We deliver quality, structured, timely programmatic support documentation, including Program Status & Management Report (PSMR), specific discussions of each goal and objective, Cost Performance Reports, Program issues, risks, and mitigation plans.


Systems Analysis

We enable systems analysis support to identify existing processes, procedures continuously, and activities to identify improvements for efficiency, effectiveness, and synergy/synthesis opportunities. Identify and make recommendations for improvements to the program's critical functions and accomplish the required objectives.

Our Capabilities

A simplified and highly integrated iterative A&AS approach to improve federal entities' policy-making, decision-making, management, administration, and critical functions.

Management Support Services

This category includes assistance, advice, or training for the efficient and effective management and operation of organizations, activities (including management and support services for R&D activities), or systems. These efforts contribute to improved program management, logistics, project monitoring, reporting, data collection, budgeting, performance auditing, and technical support for required programs.

We make sure the critical programs are planned, coordinated, executed, and documented professionally to demonstrate the status and tracking clearly to achieve strategic visions, goals, and objectives.

Engineering and Technical Services

To assist with a high level of understanding, we provide systems engineering and technical direction to federal agencies that ensure the effective operation of the system. Our Advisory and Assistance Services team, provides program support that enhance policy-making, decision-making, management, administration, program management, or research and development activities.

We enable robust systems engineering and technical direction to ensure the effective operation and maintenance of essential R&D operations.

Project Management Support

We enable project management and technical domain support to initiate, plan, execute, control, and close out the project activities to achieve the project goals within the specified time, performance, and cost criteria. Activities include Project requirements, budget planning, program requirements analysis, project acquisition strategy documentation and execution.

The process includes documentation, status and tracking, development, integration, test, and transition project monitoring and control. It ensures issues and problems are identified and resolved quickly.

Acquisition Strategy Expertise Support

Our expertise lies in market research, Statement of Objectives (SOO)/Statement of Work (SOW)/PWS development, review, and maturation; proposal evaluation support, proposed program cost analysis, and development; analyze relevant guidance and customer requirements, and develop potential courses of action for the programmatic and technical requirements.

We advise in preparing updates for the R&D acquisition process in response to changes in organizational structure and mission, operational and emerging needs, constraints due to regulations and funding availability, and other changes linked to RD and external processes.

Studies, Analyses, and Evaluations

Our measured analytic assessments services support policy development, decision-making, administration and assist government organizations in the development of R&D models and methodologies that enhance efficiency. We support continuous evaluation of initiatives by providing assessments of system performance and potential, including producing programmatic analyses that initiate execution.

Our A&AS documents & identifies opportunities for increased efficiency, detect control gaps and recommends improvements to your agency's process, and controls enhancements.

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Future-Oriented Advisory and Assistance Services

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we extend specialized Advisory & Assistance solutions that deliver programmatic management support and facilitate innovative ecosystems for advancement.

Efficient Processes

Through continued investment in our Advisory and Assistance Services, we ensure federal agencies with long-term success. With robust R&D and innovation, our strategic move to simplified processes starts with delivering superior, fast, and timely programs that ensure continuous success.


With exceptional decision-making techniques, we ascertain accuracy, timeliness, and reliability and help government organizations continuously improve processes.
Our methodologies and techniques enhance the project's decision-making ability by developing innovative capabilities and increasing the effectiveness of departmental programs.

Knowledge Management

We provide inclusive knowledge management to empower program artifacts and demands. We ensure a better alignment of policies and strategies with operational implementation, greater transparency, and oversight.

Deliver Sustained Outcome

Our advisory & assistance services are based on federal priorities. We enable transformation and innovation through critical advisory practices focused on key capabilities and opportunities.

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