Result-Driven Business Analysis Model

Align business strategy and resources with sustainability and technology to transform your organization and optimize systems to generate future growth.

  • Develop Innovative Capabilities

    Our business analysis capability enables linking opportunities for innovation to business value. With deep expertise in research and analysis, we work towards more efficient functions, implementing technological advancements, and building resilient operating models.

  • Create Six Sigma (LSS) Processes

    We maintain sufficient staff trained in decision-making techniques and Lean Six Sigma (LSS) processes to meet the rapidly changing industry dynamics. Our expertise in new and emerging analysis techniques, methodologies, and approaches improves the effectiveness of directorate programs.

  • Incorporate Project-Level Obligations

    We ensure clear visibility through synthesizing and incorporating project-level obligations and making the information transparent and comprehensible. Our approach includes reviewing overall program technical, cost, and schedule data to assess performance against program objectives.

Robust Business Analysis Framework

Adopting a strong business analysis strategy is an investment in tomorrow. By infusing new technologies and implementing a dynamic process across the organization, we enable federal entitle to be more progressive and dynamic.


Gap Analysis

Federal entities benefit from our highly customized approach that aligns business operations with critical priorities to deliver enterprise-wide transformation. To leap enterprise agility, we determine the organization's bottlenecks & precisely define the goal through measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bounded strategies.


Strategy Formulation

Our multi-disciplined, analytical, and strategic problem-solving approach help reduce risk and uncertainty. We bring together commercial innovation with the latest technology to unleash the potential for our federal clients. Our strategy is based on the most appropriate course of action to realize the organizational goal and objectives.


Execution & Analysis

We create intelligent operating models for federal agencies with our highly participatory methodologies, combined with data and analytics, visualize a process from start to finish aligning with your organization's goal and assessing the capabilities and the path to create new value.


Zero-Based Transformation

We employ a holistic zero-based approach by rethinking organization priorities from end to end. We help you change cost curves, redeploy resources, and drive growth and resilience by infusing new technologies.

Our Business Analysis Capabilities

We combine in-depth industry expertise, advanced analytical capabilities, and people-centered approaches to help federal entities shape their strategies and drive community development and growth.

Portfolio/Program Analysis

Our business analyst team provides end-to-end program analysis support to government organizations by optimizing performance while reducing resource usage and ensuring the program meets developmental and operational requirements. We work closely with the S&T SME A&AS team to ensure that the technical integration plans and execution data are fully integrated into all required programmatic documents.

We identify the various Strategic Business Units (SBU) in the business portfolio and determine and develop growth strategies that align with the long-term strategic goals of the federal agency.

Systems Analysis

We provide systems analysis support by continuously identifying and improving existing processes, procedures, and activities to identify improvements for efficiency, effectiveness, and synergy/synthesis opportunities. Our services include providing recommendations for improvements/innovations to program critical functions to ensure that system processes, policies, and activities accomplish required objectives.

We lay support to Financial Management, Internal/External Engagement tracking, Acquisition Strategy planning and execution, Training, Security and other critical mission-essential tasks.

Documentation & Quality Control

We document and assess overall portfolio/program quality, including analysis, support, and development of decision-making processes and policies; provide recommendations for improvement or innovative new processes, including financial expertise, to ensure clear visibility through synthesizing and incorporating project-level obligations and making the information transparent and comprehensible.

Our experts review overall program technical cost, and assess performance against program objectives, identify shortfalls and potential corrective actions, and provide recognized senior subject matter experts to conduct assessments.

Technology Transformation

We bring a strategic and business perspective to clients and deep expertise in the most advanced areas of technology. The span of our skills includes IT modernization, digital transformation, enterprise data management, governance, and compliance. We bring a strategic and business perspective to clients and deep expertise in the most advanced areas of technology.

We aim to develop technology-driven solutions that make federal entities meet the ever-evolving dynamics of the industry.

Financial Analysis

We provide federal agencies with the necessary programmatic, financial, and policy expertise. Our services include supporting financial portfolios, program and project integration and execution functions, program planning and budgeting activities, program objective memorandum (POM), and budget justification.

We assist in budget management execution activities, including portfolio to project budget formulation, budget analysis, scheduling, tracking, execution, metrics, systems support, supporting Small Business Innovative Research, and all external compliance reporting requirements.

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Innovative Business Analysis Services

We unlock growth by determining the optimal mix of tools, analytics, and processes that achieve growth and operational excellence.


We examine the strategic decision concerning the optimal and dynamic acquisition of new technology by analyzing its productivity over time. Our model focuses on maximizing the output for federal agencies by bridging the gap between business and process-focused technology making the organization future-ready.

Efficiency & Effectiveness

Our methodology helps organizations deeply examine internal processes to find opportunities for improvement. BPA helps identify strategies that can be made more efficient or effective and determine the best course of action that aligns with the agency's vision and objective.


Robust business analysis model ensures quick reaction for a range of policy, mission, and program issues. We review, identify, and assist product and continuous process improvement methodologies and techniques to bring in innovative capabilities to improve the effectiveness of department programs.

Stay Relevant with Robust Business Analysis Capability

Technology-driven transformation through practical insights & optimization of critical processes.

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