Program Benefits

Assists small businesses and other entities in obtaining and performing DOD subcontracts and serving as suppliers on DOD contracts.


Forward-looking Initiative

Mentor-protégé programs aim to enable small business development by focusing on enhancing the protégé’s capacity and efficiency and making them critical to serving federal contracts.


Enhanced Collaboration

New businesses and more experienced businesses work in mutually beneficial relationships. The protégés benefit through financial, technical, or management assistance and mentors may receive credit toward subcontracting goals.


Highly Competitive

A well-integrated program designed to help small businesses become competitive federal contractors and dynamic enough to evolve as per industry standards.

The Big Idea Behind Mentor-Protege Programs

We combine our experience and domain expertise to plan and execute a comprehensive mentor-protege program.

Federal mentor-protégé program is the perfect platform for enhancing collaboration between small & emerging businesses and large enterprises, ultimately providing value to federal agencies. Organizations gain technological capabilities and innovations required to sustain and grow in the evolving landscape.

    • Federal agencies support small businesses by opening up opportunities and enabling them to meet small businesses prime and subcontracting goals.
    • Mentors gain in the form of reimbursement or credits in accordance with the terms and conditions of the program's contract agreement and expand their small business subcontracting base.
    • Agencies gain access to large companies' corporate capabilities and resources and the emerging technologies that small companies often deliver.
    • Protégés gain access to technical expertise and exposure by coordinating with experienced firms, which empower them with advanced capabilities.

Our Capabilities

Robust and streamlined Mentor-Protege programs that offer growth and sustainability to small businesses, thereby boosting the economy.

Assisting Protege Firms

Enhance technical and business capabilities of protégé firms and small businesses by enhancing their business skills, providing them with the proper infrastructure, transferring technology, and accelerating resources.

Economic Advancement

Enable business expansion innovation and technological advancement through subcontracting opportunities and enabling federal agencies to gain capabilities by leveraging the methodology earned by small businesses.

Long-term Growth

Develop productive, long-term strategic relationships by developing and enhancing capabilities, providing high-quality support to federal bodies, and optimizing resources for our clients to enable growth and development.

Drive Growth on Public Policy Objectives

We bring together the most critical capabilities, “Innovation,” “Experience,” and “Organization,” to enable growth and sustainability for the community.

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