Well-Integrated POM

Effective planning and allocation of resources to meet the Service Program Guidance and Defense Planning Guidance and ultimately achieve the mission objective.

  • Well-Aligned Programs

    Our expertise in POM creation aligns with the federal entities' guidance on allocating future funding for a program to meet Service Program Guidance (SPG) and Defense Planning Guidance (DPG).

  • Enhanced Efficiency

    Thorough analysis of missions, objectives, and alternative courses of action, covering the Future Year Defense Program and enabling efficient financial operation for federal bodies.

  • Proactive Decisions

    Well-planned decisions, programming guidance, and congressional guidance to ensure the project requirement are met and clearly expresses the organization's priorities.

Comprehensive POM Development Process

During the POM cycle, we focus on the detailed allocation of funding and how the agency aims to balance the future course of action.


POM Planning Phase

We review the end-to-end project strategy to ensure that Defense Planning Guidance (DPG) aligns with the administration’s policy goals and considers potential threats, force structure, readiness posture, and other crucial factors.


POM Programming Phase

This phase focuses on how today’s decisions will affect the future course of action. The POM describes the program's resource requirements over five years, including forces, human resources, funding, and more.


POM Budgeting Phase

Our POM ensures appropriate funding and fiscal controls and that execution is feasible within that budget year. We work during this phase with service counterparts to review and ensure budget requests align with the defense budget.


POM Execution Phase

We evaluate program results, ensure strategic goals are prioritized and assess the program’s actual performance compared to the planned schedule and the defined objective.

Reducing Risk and Enabling a Robust Project Strategy

Our capabilities ensure realistic and revolutionary goals to help set priorities and scale POM activities appropriately.

Effective Portfolio Planning

We define the process and include elements that enhance collaboration and communication for effective decision-making. While creating the POM, we optimize the organization's internal and external critical processes through portfolio planning, improving efficiency and productivity.

The POM is created as per the organization's storyline that summarizes the requirement priorities and investment strategies.

Strategic Risk Assessment

We know the changing dynamics and project requirements during the POM lifecycle. Critical issues and activities throughout the cycle are well taken care of. We ensure stakeholder involvement in planning and decision meetings, share critical reviews at every stage in the POM cycle and keep the lines of communication open at the executive and working levels.

We keep track of proposed outcomes with actual decisions during the DOD POM cycle so that the federal agencies meet the expected outcomes.

Well-Researched Requirements Space

While preparing the POM, we are aware of the requirements life cycles of the programs, including awareness of the development and review of formal requirements documentation, gate reviews, defense acquisition boards, and configuration control boards that may affect the future course of action.

The requirements are well-documented and validated during the POM lifecycle to maintain transparency among the stakeholders involved.

Robust Review & Documentation

We ensure the POM is submitted on time, is well-integrated, and clearly expresses the organization's storyline and priorities. Further, our team works closely with the program review teams of members from military departments, defense agencies, and OSD staff to review the POM.

Once reviewed, we make the required amendments that meet the stated objective, and the program's goals align with leadership priorities.

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Transformation through Robust Planning

Our POM clearly describes the priorities and resource allocation to achieve outstanding results.

Enhanced Collaboration

We ensure seamless communication and collaboration across hierarchies during the POM development phase, which leads to better transparency and inter-departmental efficient decision-making.

Strategic Support

Our team demonstrates "visible" support to the program and its management team during the POM development. We quickly resolve cross-program and strategic issues with senior stakeholders ensuring the utmost accuracy.

Critical Tools

We set up smart tools and standards for managing the program and planning, tracking, and reporting on outcomes related to the POM. We also provide a strategic overview of the programs to senior management.

Visualize, Explore & Prepare for The Future

We deliver a well-integrated, competitive POM with priorities and rationale aligned with the core mission values.

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