Adaptive R&D Acquisition Framework

Empowering innovation, invention, and progress through robust and intelligent R&D acquisition program. Streamlines processes that lead to breakthroughs and drive growth for the economy.

  • Robust Acquisition Support

    We provide assistance and oversight for all acquisition activities and manage acquisition-related information technology systems. Our integrated R&D team conducts robust operational acquisition services and performs execution and tracking of Initial Strategy Sessions and Acquisition Strategy Reviews to achieve the mission objective.

  • Strategic Foresight

    We facilitate performance, excellence, and cost savings that minimize risk through research, component development, and prototyping. Our expertise expands across the full range of mission domain technologies to encompass understanding, identification, characterization, control, and evaluation of the program.

  • Trust & Integrity

    We work towards maintaining the public’s trust by conducting operations with integrity, transparency, and compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. By fulfilling the public policy objectives, we assist RD in managing and executing the acquisition processes efficiently and effectively.

Our Roadmap for an Agile R&D Acquisition Program

Our strategy ensures that the processes are efficient and effective as implemented and that the activities and status can be tracked and maintained to achieve the organizational objective.


Understand the Purpose

We identify and make recommendations for improvements/innovations to program critical functions, processes, procedures, and activities to ensure that system processes, policies, and activities accomplish the required objectives. Our aim is to assist RD managers at all levels in developing and implementing action plans to address identified problems.


Planning & Evaluation

We carefully determine the acquisition method and budgeting for the proposed acquisition. An extensive methodological groundwork is formed concerning various project levels and forms of financing and different stages of the project life cycle. Our evaluation process includes surveys, indicator metrics, benchmarking, expert panel, mission/outcome mapping, cost-index method for future development.


Critical Documentation

Document and assess overall program quality, including analysis, support, and development of decision-making processes; provide recommendations for improvement, including financial expertise, to ensure clear visibility through synthesizing and incorporating project-level obligations and making the information transparent and comprehensible.


Review & Recommendation

We ensure continuous evaluation of RD initiatives by providing early and continuing coordinated assessments of system performance and potential, including producing programmatic analyses of RD initiative assessments; developing, writing, and supporting the execution of RD Initiative evaluation plans and documents to create a future-proof strategy.

Our R&D Acquisition Capabilities

An Innovative approach to unlocking R&D capabilities for increased efficiency and streamlined processes. We offer cutting-edge capability and agility in acquisition to meet the mission objective.

Acquisition Strategy Expertise Support

We hold expertise in supporting contracts and acquisitions; conducting market research, preparing Statement of Objectives, Statement of Work, proposal evaluation, analyzing proposed program cost; analyzing relevant guidance and customer requirements, and develop potential courses of action for the programmatic and technical requirements across the RD Directorate’s portfolio.

We lay full-scale strategy for project execution, including required project management, documentation, status tracking, development, integration, test, transition, and project monitoring and control, to ensure problems are identified and resolved quickly.

Rapid Acquisition Process Support

Complete assistance is provided to RD in managing a rapid and agile threat-based acquisition program with the ability to anticipate and understand gaps and identify and deliver rapid solutions. We initiate, accelerate, draft, and provide urgent designated threat solutions requested by the CCMDs.

Every critical emerging requirement and topline priority is well addressed to cater to today’s dynamic environment.

Acquisition Analysis & Support

Our capability lies in preparing updates for the R&D acquisition process in response to changes in organizational structure and mission, operational and emerging needs, constraints due to regulations and funding availability, and other changes linked to RD and external processes.

Our experts participate in and coordinate in-process adoption activities, including communications about change management materials. Also, drafting practices and curricula for users, from introductory through advanced, for both new and existing training material is part of our framework.

Acquisition Strategy Execution

Through our services, we support the acquisition strategy process management and execution activities, including assistance with the execution and tracking of the Initial Strategy Sessions (ISS) and Acquisition Strategy Reviews (ASR) timelines and activities for the RD Directorate to include reviewing submitted documents and for completeness and accuracy.

We work closely with Project Officers to improve submitted documents in accordance with DTRA and DoD acquisition strategy processes and guidelines.

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Accelerate Growth With Advanced Acquisition System

Leveraging advanced technology & efficient R&D programs to develop end-to-end solutions that provide programmatic management support & facilitate innovative ecosystems for advancement.

Empower Through Innovation

Our approach is to deliver an R&D acquisition system that provides flexibility for programs depending on the required capability. Through critical thinking, we create an acquisition framework that lets the community excel.

Remain Competitive

Technological upgradations and advancement is the key to remaining competitive and being a game-changer. We simplify policy, enable a tailored approach, and rapidly develop fieldable prototypes within an acquisition program to demonstrate new capabilities that let federal entities remain ahead of the curve.

Increased Efficiency

We provide powerful knowledge and insights that improve existing processes where efficiency can be increased, and costs are reduced. Our focus on developing new products and services allows Federal bodies to be the catalyst for change.

Building a Future-Focused Organization

We spur innovation, invention, and progress through a robust R&D acquisition strategy. An R&D strategy that is equipped to meet the demand of modern times.

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