Serve as a Catalyst for Innovation in Multiple R&D Programs Across Military & Civilian Agencies

Achieve maximum value by the adoption of advanced R&D capabilities. We generate research capabilities relevant to public priorities, which are at the core of the missions of federal agencies.

  • Comprehensive R&D Program

    We develop, design, and enhance robust R&D programs that maximize efficiency. We focus on RD’s activities, including RDT&E funding and management activities and tasks, basic research, prototypes, system development, demonstration activities, and integration of technologies.

  • Accurate Requirement Management

    We ensure requirements management support across the RD Directorate portfolio and programs during the research, development, and operational phases including tracking capability requirements analyses and assessments status, decisions, issues, and execution.

  • Continuous Improvement of R&D Program

    To set R&D benchmarks, we actively innovate & improve our existing processes & policies, equipping you with the latest programmatic support capabilities such as prototyping, and R&D portfolio management across the spectrum.

Our Roadmap for an Inclusive R&D Program

Research and development (R&D) is an essential driver of economic growth as it spurs innovation, invention, and progress. Our innovative methodology ensures that the processes are effective and align with the agency’s vision, mission, and objective.


Identification of Purpose

During the R&D process, we ensure understanding, detection, identification, and characterization of the purpose of developing R&D solutions that are effective for federal entities. The research purpose is met by forming hypotheses, collecting data, and analyzing, making the research goal apparent.


Data-Driven Budgeting

Our extensive financial management support ranges from financial analysis, budget analysis, cost analysis, DoD Planning, Programming, and Budgeting for a structured, repeatable, reliable financial management capability that supports the R&D program.


Precise Documentation

We assist in preparing and editing various CB conferences’ or workshops’ briefings and documentation. Our R&D program status & Management Report covers external policies and cost performance reports, including cost funds status reports, program issues, risks, mitigation plans, and process documentation.


Review & Analysis

We review, identify, assess, and assist in continuous process improvement. Our methodologies and techniques bring in innovative capabilities and processes to improve the effectiveness of the R&D programs. The activities include reviewing, analyzing, and assessing RD portfolios/programs to identify and recommend integration and synergy opportunities.

Advanced R&D Capabilities

Our comprehensive R&D services identify and recommend integration, synthesis, and synergy opportunities within RD and across all portfolios and plan, integrate, and execute a comprehensive and integrated program.

Program Analysis

To ensure the program meets the developmental and operational requirements, objectives, and goals of the federal entities, we examine and detect patterns or anomalies to reveal specific behaviors & focus on improving the portfolio/program's performance while reducing resource usage. We provide Subject Matter Expertise to support strategic planning and technical oversight for RD, including off-site, strategic and technical program reviews.

Additional activities include providing support to review, analyze, and assess RD and Agency programs; identifying and recommending integration, synthesis, and synergy opportunities within RD and across all portfolios; and planning, integrating, and executing a comprehensive and integrated program.

Technical Writing

Our capability includes technical writing assistance and support in preparing and editing briefings and documentation. We provide project briefing development on technical and management issues and assist in preparing and editing meeting minutes. Maintain and update activities used to support conferences or workshops within all RD areas as required to support distinguished visitors, conferences, and other publicity events.

Extensive editorial support in preparing and editing RD hosted various counter WMD conferences' or workshops' briefings and documentation, including briefings, assessments, plans, reports, policy documents, and process documentation.

Crisis Management

We work extensively towards anticipating emerging developmental technologies or operational mission requirements by providing the programmatic, policy, and financial management support. The services include identifying shortfalls and potential corrective actions to achieve portfolio/program objectives.

Further assisting RD in developing processes and setting standards for reviewing and assessing program performance. We provide requirements management support across the RD Directorate portfolio and programs during the research, development, and operational phases, tracking capability requirements analyses and assessments status, decisions, issues, and execution.

System Analysis

We provide systems analysis support to identify existing processes, procedures continuously, and activities to identify improvements for efficiency, effectiveness, and synergy/synthesis opportunities. Identify and make recommendations for innovations to program critical functions, processes, procedures, and activities to ensure that system processes, policies, and activities meet DTRA and DoD mission objectives rapidly.

We ensure clear visibility through synthesizing and incorporating project-level obligations and making the information transparent and comprehensible.

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Result-Driven R&D Services

Our efficient R&D programs, achieve end-to-end solutions that provide programmatic management support & facilitate innovative ecosystems for advancement.

Be Future Ready

We Identify and make recommendations for improvements/innovations to products/services, critical functions, and activities to ensure that system processes & procedures accomplish the required objectives to meet the organization's goals. Our extensive analysis, support, and development of decision-making processes and policies; provide recommendations for innovative new processes to make the system future-proof.

Remain Competitive

We identify strategic objectives and recommend integration, synthesis, and synergy opportunities integrated with state-of-art R&D that align with the agency's vision to achieve rapid, scalable growth. Support continuous evaluation of RD initiatives by providing early and continuing coordinated assessments of system performance and potential, including producing programmatic analyses of RD initiative assessments.

Value Proposition

We foster scientific and technological breakthroughs, building upon existing knowledge with a competitive workforce, and develop the processes, services, and products that provide a unique value proposition. We assess the prioritization of initiatives and activities to improve the effectiveness, and development of agency, directorate, and portfolio mission-essential tasks.

Research Capabilities for Breakthrough Outcomes

R&D services that enable federal entities to be future-ready. Deliver impact and transform experiences for the citizens by utilizing the power of technology and innovation.

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