Progressive SBIR/STTR Planning

Our robust SBIR/STTR plans aim to strengthen the role of innovative small business concerns in Federally-funded research and development (R&D) programs.

  • Stimulate Technological Innovation

    The aim is to encourage domestic small businesses to engage in Federal Research and Development (R/R&D) with the potential for advancement. It enables small businesses to have technological potential and profit from its commercialization.

  • Develop Entrepreneurship

    Foster and encourage participation in innovation and entrepreneurship by women and socially or economically disadvantaged persons. It nurtures the development of innovative concepts for small businesses and supports the community.

  • Support Modernization

    Foster technology transfer through cooperative R&D between small businesses and research institutions. Stimulate technological innovation and increase private-sector commercialization of innovations derived from Federal research and development funding.

Our Blueprint for SBIR/STTR Planning

Incorporating SBIR/STTR policy into agency-specific regulations and procedures to accelerate growth for small businesses and the commercialization of research innovations.



We align the SBIR/STTR plan with the agency's mission and lay a solid foundation for every program phase. Our project pitch outlines project objectives, technological innovation, and associated technical risks ensuring the submitted proposal aligns with NSF SBIR/STTR program requirements and summarize the intellectual merit and broader impact of the project.



We maintain accurate records and track the status of SBIR and STTR Phase I and Phase II proposals, proposal assessments/evaluations, verifying contract administrative data like award dates, performance periods, funding amounts, option dates, and other data as required by the OSD OSBP. Our comprehensive documentation approach enables transparency in briefs, congressional inquiries, and the preparation of presentation materials.



We work closely with the S&T SME A&AS contractor to ensure that all necessary technical integration plans and execution data are fully integrated into all required programmatic documents, including logical, defensible, and implementable strategies. Our SBIR/STTR planning ensures that the proposal processes are efficient and effective as implemented.


Reporting & Evaluation

We efficiently compile & submit the SBIR Annual Report and Quarterly Reports to the OSD Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) using the DoD SBIR Submission Tool for preparing and uploading the reports to the DoD SBIR database. We collect necessary CBD SBIR award and contract documentation to accurately populate the Annual Report and Quarterly Report data fields.

Our Capabilities for Developing Powerful SBIR/STTR Plan

We extend support to the federal agency’s vision and mission to develop the participation of every section of society in fostering economic growth, innovation, and advancement.

Process Development

Our process of SBIR and STTR development outlines the program functionalities clearly. The policy directive serves as guidance for the effective administration of the SBIR and STTR programs, issuance and management of funding agreements, and establishing goals for small business concerns in research and development acquisition or grants.

We incorporate SBIR/STTR policy into agency-specific regulations and procedures and implement the program effectively.

Program Evaluation

Collect necessary CBD SBIR award and contract documentation (Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III) to accurately populate the Annual Report and Quarterly Report data fields following OSBP format. Correct all report errors and deficiencies identified by the DoD SBIR Data Collaboration team.

We participate in the DoD Data Collaboration Meetings that comprise representatives from each DoD SBIR/STTR component to discuss updates/issues regarding DoD SBIR data reporting requirements.

Financial Management

We provide financial management support for a structured, repeatable, reliable financial management capability. Our capabilities lie in maintaining accurate records and tracking SBIR and STTR Phase I and Phase II proposal status, proposal assessments, and evaluation of contract administrative data like award dates, period of performance, funding amounts, option dates, and other data as required by the OSD OSBP.

These data may be necessary to fulfill additional reporting requirements, address debriefing requests and congressional inquiries, prepare presentation materials, etc.

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Empower Small Business through Effective SBIR/STTR Programs

We enable better coordination between small businesses and federal entities through result-oriented SBIR/STTR programs.

Equal Opportunities

Effective SBIR/STTR planning creates an advantage for small firms to receive Government funding early, thereby enabling growth and technological advancement for the small business units.

Better Collaboration

Collaboration between research institutions and small businesses promotes transformation and growth. The plan aims to bridge the gap between the performance of basic science and the commercialization of resulting innovations.

Growth & Development

A highly competitive program that enables small businesses to explore their technological potential and provides the incentive to profit from commercialization. By including qualified small businesses in the R&D arena, high-tech innovation is stimulated.

Let's Build a Strong National Economy

Our well-planned SBIR/STTR programs support small business units' scientific excellence and technological innovation. The investment of Federal research funds in potential projects stimulates economic growth.

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