Progressive Support Services

We combine our intimate customer and federal government knowledge with leading technologies and services to offer comprehensive support services to federal agencies.

  • Technology and R&D

    We provide tech transition support to federal agencies utilizing industry best practices, people, processes, technology, infrastructure, and tools to ensure effective project management and the successful adoption and integration of technology.

  • R&D Support

    Our team performs full-lifecycle technical, managerial, and staff functions required to plan, program, budget, and execute a comprehensive and integrated research and development program in an actionable fashion capable of meeting DoD.

  • Advisory & Assistance Support (A&AS)

    Operating as an OCI Free provider, we provide dedicated, unbiased A&AS support. Combining and pairing highly technical SMEs with programmatic experts.

Our Agile Support Services Framework

We assist you in visualizing, planning, coordinating, and delivering federal organization’s biggest initiatives quickly, effectively, and with clear insight through our outcomes-focused, proficient approach.


Problem Management

Our primary focus is to identify the causes of service issues and commission corrective action to prevent recurrences. We ensure our processes are proactive in identifying and preventing crises.


Change Management

Our team assesses the risks of individual changes, identifies dependencies and other impacted applications, organizations, and systems, and authorizes (or denies) change requests after careful, thorough analysis.


Configuration Management

Our configuration management process guides the collection, archiving, and reporting of individual infrastructure & specifications of government organizations.

Our Expertise

Our expert support services meet the pace and scale of the dynamic environment and address complex challenges by adapting to technological advances.

Programmatic Management Support

We provide portfolio management support for planning, integrating, and implementing an integrated research and development program that meets DoD fiscal requirements. Support management and allocation of resources and supporting technical documents and training material.

Our team provides knowledge management administrative support to the department to ensure easy accessibility and availability of information and data.

Systems Analysis Support

Support and analyze survey results and assist R&D managers in developing and implementing action plans to address identified problems. We assess the prioritization of initiatives and activities to improve effectiveness and build agency, directorate, and portfolio mission-essential tasks.

We document and assess overall program quality, including analysis, support, and development of decision-making processes and policies.

Financial Management Support

Our services in financial management support range from financial analysis, budget analysis, cost analysis, DoD Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE), and Preparations for a structured, repeatable, reliable financial management capability.

Our portfolio includes program planning and budgeting activities, Program Objective Memorandum (POM), Budget Justification, and much more.

Requirements Management Support

We support the maintenance and management of the most critical technology capabilities, initiatives, and gaps for requirements documentation. Constantly monitoring ongoing requirements documentation efforts across the DoD ensuring RD’s interests are incorporated into relevant requirements documents.

We support strategic decisions regarding developing and influencing ongoing requirements documentation across the DoD.

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End-to-End Support Services

We deliver quality, structured and timely programmatic support services that ensure streamlined processes and functionalities.

Operational Efficiency

We provide systems analysis support to government organizations to continuously identify and improve existing processes, procedures, and activities and accomplish required objectives to meet mission objectives rapidly.

Transparent Processes

We streamline the organization process, including identifying various approaches and modern business information technology services that help federal agencies thrive.

Improvement & Innovation

We provide recommendations for improvement and innovative new processes, including financial expertise, to ensure clear visibility through synthesizing and incorporating project-level obligations.

Support Services for Better Governance

Transforming experiences through innovative, end-to-end support services.

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