Budget Formulation that Aligns Strategic Priorities

Our budget formulation strategy applies winning principles that ensure federal initiatives' growth, profitability, and sustainability.

  • Strategic Decisions

    Robust resource management activities include programming, planning, budgeting, and execution (PPBE) process and development, preparation, justification, and submission of budget exhibits and requests for resource information.

  • Risk Management

    Our strategic assessment of growth risks and opportunities drive enterprise value. In the finance transformation journey, we predict outcomes to drive the right changes across the organization.

  • Creating Value

    We work towards budgetary support to enable sustainable performance for the federal bodies. Access to the right data for better decisions at every level ensures a robust budget for the program.

Our Budget Formulation Framework

We deliver positive outcomes by evaluating opportunities that benefit the stakeholders and the community.



As per the strategic direction from the board of directors, we plan budgetary milestones and set the general direction of the plan. We Conduct continuous forecasting and analyze historical and current data enabling the organization to work efficiently through the iterative budgeting process.



During the Budget formulation process, we determine the resources necessary to achieve strategic objectives and goals. Next, identify the programs to be funded in the fiscal year and the revenue that will support these programs.



We highlight the salient points of the entire Budget, estimates of expenditures, and revenues in accordance with the goals and initiatives of the proposed Budget. The Budget contains information pertaining to the current economy and the value to be derived.



During this phase, the resources are used to implement policies incorporated in the Budget. Careful monitoring of the Budget is done, including a review of the FRPs, to ensure early identification of critical spending.

Our Proficiency

We assist federal agencies in finding solutions to improve their profitability and operations through robust budgeting.

Federal Financial Management

Analyze and consolidate massive volumes of data for comprehensive financial management reporting. We work towards achieving transparency, accountability, clean audit opinions, compliance with government policies, and transparency initiatives by strategizing consistent financial capabilities in the organization.

Our efficient financial operations include budget formulation, cost management, ledger management, budget execution, procurement, and program management.

Financial System Integration

Our team has sound knowledge of anticipating, understanding, and resolving federal financial management business processes. We implement financial system technologies to stay current and meet the standards of evolving requirements for financial operations.

We have experience working on every federal funding model aligned with the mission, vision, and objective.

Cost Estimating & Analysis

We define a reliable platform for establishing and maintaining a program’s budget. Through research and expertise in cost, management helps create strategic program options that enable better decision-making in budget formulation for the project.

Sharing our technical expertise in reporting risk and uncertainty to ensure projects are executed within the defined budget and meet the organizational goal.

Forecasting & Reporting

We formulate fiscal-year-based budget forecasts and spending plans. Our comprehensive process includes tracking program resources, budget submission, future year funding plans, spending plans, addressing stakeholders, and creating smart reports.

Developing structured tools and techniques for reconciling and managing large, complex contracts.

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Our Responsive Budget Formulation Services

Achieve future growth with critical thinking, advanced tools, and digital finance capabilities, and create a path for transformation based on your organization's needs and constraints.

Streamlined Processes

We streamline processes through sound financial management tools. Every project has unique challenges, and we work in an agile environment to manage the financials in the right ways to support growth & development.

Advanced Skillsets

Our analysts bring expertise in cost estimating execution and project management to economic analysis. We apply specialized tools to deliver results efficiently and accurately.

Gap Analysis

Our experts understand the organization's business needs, current budgeting processes, and potential gaps & design a streamlined budgeting process based on best practices that are simple to use and easy to implement.

Budgeting for Unbiased Results

End-to-end financial management capabilities empowering federal entities with better analysis and reporting for project advancement.

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