Comprehensible Program Strategy

Enable innovations to program critical functions, processes, procedures, and activities to rapidly ensure that system processes meet DTRA and DoD mission objectives.

  • Administrative and Managerial Support

    Our PPBE is designed to offer Federal bodies a stronger foundation to assess the prioritization of initiatives and activities to improve the effectiveness and development of mission-essential tasks.

  • Investment Assessment

    We implement the concept of capability planning principles, strategy development, development of cost estimates & technical risk assessment to prepare a robust program plan.

  • Program Evaluation & Recommendation

    We provide recommendations for innovative processes, including financial expertise, to ensure clear visibility through synthesizing and incorporating project-level obligations and making the information transparent and comprehensible.

The Buildblocks to a Comprehensive PPBE

As federal agencies pursue transformative technologies to maintain competitive advantage, we recognize that PPBE processes will significantly impact your success at delivering these capabilities quickly and efficiently.



In the planning phase of the PPBE process, we gather all the information, cost data, and options necessary to prepare resource decisions for federal agencies based on priorities during programming.



Our programming phase analyzes anticipated effects of present-day decisions on the future force & reflects a systematic analysis of the tasks and objectives to be achieved along with alternative methods for achieving them.



We ensure that budget submissions are adequately funded with appropriate financial controls and execution feasibility within the budget year. Through documentation reflects, the focus is on operations, capital expenditure & outcomes of the program.



During the execution phase, we evaluate the obligation and expenditure of funds and program results. It prioritizes the program elements that meet the federal agency's strategic goals by considering any additional fiscal constraints.

Our PPBE Process Capabilities

We combine in-depth industry expertise, advanced analytical capabilities, and process-centered approaches to help federal entities shape their strategies and drive development and growth.

Programming Support

Our PPBE programs reflect a systematic analysis of missions and objectives to be achieved, alternative methods of accomplishing them, and the effective allocation of resources. This is to provide federal agencies guidance in the form of goals, priorities, and objectives, including fiscal constraints, to develop each department's Program Objective Memorandum (POM) and Budget Estimate Submissions (BES).

We establish the development of programming planning and resource priorities to prevail in the current operations and to develop a balanced program to meet future contingencies.

Program and Budget Displays

Our team provides end-to-end program & budget analysis support and provides mechanisms for making and implementing fiscally sound decisions supporting the federal programs. We facilitate the alignment of resources to prioritized capabilities based on an overarching strategy. We provide well-researched recommendations for future resource allocations.

Our service includes evaluating the DoD Component budget submissions for financial appropriateness while maintaining the administration's fiscal controls.

Program Objective Memorandums

We establish critical POM for federal agencies, which describes how they want to allot future funding to their program to meet Service Program Guidance (SPG). It includes an analysis of missions, objectives, alternative courses of action, and allocation of resources covering the Future Year Defense Program (FYDP).

Our expert team advocates for solutions to department-wide requirements with POMs that address the administration's policy goals and potential threats, force structure, readiness posture, and other factors and guide on investments and divestments for the project.

Reporting & Documentation

We document and assess materials for each PPBE phase, including, Planning Guidance, Program Objective Memorandum (POM), a funding plan for each project component, Budget Estimate Submission (BES), to ensure clear visibility of budget justification documentation to federal entities.

We assist in the documentation of a mission description, program accomplishments and plans, funding profile, and every critical element related to program success.

Opportunity Analysis

We evaluate & document performance, operational effectiveness, operational suitability, and estimated costs of alternative systems to meet capability needs that have been identified through the Integration and Development Systems process. We assess the critical technology elements needed in the PPBE process.

Our Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) also considers the sensitivity of each alternative to possible changes to critical assumptions or variables meeting the ever-evolving dynamics of the industry.

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Empowerment through PPBE Process Modernization

We provide a unique capability to enable federal organizations to identify shortfalls and guide resource allocations based on strategic analysis.

Advice & Assistance

We help federal entities with concerning plans, programs, capabilities, and budgets to meet the objectives and counter projected threats and the degree to which the DoD program supports the defense strategy.

Holistic Growth

We lead analytical efforts to support the mission objective; provide cost estimates for all initiatives to recommend resource allocations to support the development and growth of the community.

Traceable & Transparent

Our collaborative and transparent process reduces risk and enables evidence-based PPBE decisions to be made confidently and clearly. We show which alternatives best align with the federal agency's priorities.

Modernizing the Public Sector

Maximize operational effectiveness, turn data into a strategic asset, scenario plan for optimal outcomes, and be forever future-ready with well-planned PPBE programs.

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